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Design & Construction of Bridges
M.E.C. Engineering Technologies Sdn Bhd, Consulting Engineers, Malaysia
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Welcome to MEC Bridge Engineers

Bridge Design Examples & Construction

Design of a 30m  Post-Tensioned Skewed Bridge

In here, we show you the step by step procedures and worked examples by which we carry out Bridge Design of a 30m Post-Tensioned Concrete
Skewed Bridge using Standard Precast Beams & Insitu Concrete Deck Slab. 

Our website also provide several designs and worked examples for Pre-Tensioned and Post-Tensioned Concrete Bridges, Simple Composite & Timber Bridges.

Use of manual calculations and softwares are also illustrated.

Bridge Codes, Design Data, Common Practices, are also provided as practical references and guides for Practising Bridge and Structural Engineers.

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